Fivepoint X is located on the Western edge of the Orange County Great Park, south of Great Park Boulevard. Vehicular access to the site is from Great Park Boulevard and from District 1 streets to the north. From Great Park Boulevard, Beacon and Bosque are the primary entries, making Fivepoint X an important gateway to Orange County Great Park.
Fivepoint X is spatially organized into an informal network of walkways, plazas, courtyards, and streets that promote social gathering to create memorable and lasting experiences. The adjacent Orange County Great Park connects with this urban infl uence through the use of unique spaces promoting healthy sustainable living around the ideology that ‘Landscape came First’.

Uses may include retail, food and beverage establishments, offi ce, warehouse and hotel in accordance with the City’s goal of providing a diverse fabric of development. These uses are in support of the Orange County Great Park and surrounding community.

All areas within Fivepoint X will feature pedestrian linkages, to the Orange County Great Park, to the surrounding communities, and to the Irvine Transportation Center. These connections support the reduced reliance on the car for every trip. Surrounding neighborhoods will have the option to walk or bike to dinner, to an event or to their favorite café or the Orange County Great Park.

Fivepoint X has a unique identity defi ned by the landscape, architecture and gathering places. Pursuant to Section 9-51-6 of the City of Irvine Zoning Ordinance (Item E, Review Process) requiring review and approval of a Master Plan, this document establishes an overall community framework, sustainability, architectural themes, and landscape architecture. This document also establishes circulation patterns for pedestrians, bicycles and vehicles.
Fivepoint X uses will be primarily retail, food and beverage and hospitality including hotels and extended stay rooms. Fivepoint X will also include arts and culture destinations and entertainment venues in support of a diverse and eclectic development. Fivepoint X services will be designed to serve the surrounding communities as well as the Orange County Great Park.

Fivepoint X is envisioned to be a dynamic place that is oriented to the pedestrian fi rst and the automobile second. Instead of emphasizing architectural theme and style, this chapter of the design guidelines will focus on form, building orientation, and the spaces between buildings.
Fivepoint X is designed with the notion that the landscape should take precedence. The landscape defi nes the character of a community by fostering community activity, supporting neighborly interaction and plays a large role in an individual’s overall well-being. Fivepoint X establishes a purposeful and meaningful landscape design that stands for the goals fo the community.

The neighborhood street tree fabric will feature a diverse blend of appropriate tree species, fostering a healthy, sustainable urban forest.

Trees and shrubs are designed to reinforce the pedestrian and vehicular hierarchy, providing layers of planting to soften building masses and integrate architectural features into the landscape.

Mature specimen trees will create an immediate tree canopy. Large canopy trees are the hallmark to many older, time honored Southern California neighborhoods such as Pasadena and Claremont.

The plant palette shall be respectful of the character of the City of Irvine and the variety of trees, shrubs and ground cover which are adapted so well to the local environment. The landscape for Fivepoint X will have several plant communities intentionally grouped and arranged in a manner that would occur naturally. Collectively each of the various plant habitats creates a natural landscape structure and responds to the site in a harmonious manner.